Po-Chun (Alan) Chiu, URCS Undergrad Student

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It's nice to meet you!!

Hello everyone!! I'm a senior Computer Science student at University of Rochester.

I am interested in learning new knowledge and studying different aspects of computer science, especially the area of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Systems.

Good books recommended in Computer Science:

Teaching Assistantship

I am currently an undergraduate teaching assistant for Professor Chen Ding in CSC 254/454 Programming Language Design and Implementation during Fall 2018.

Email: [pchiu4 at u.rochester.edu]

Office Hours:  

I was also a teaching assistant for Professor George Ferguson in CSC 173 both Spring 2017 and Fall 2017 semesters and for Professor Yuhao Zhu in CSC 252/452 Computer Organization during Spring 2018.
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