CSUG undergrad websites

Did you know that every person with a CSUG account gets a website on csug.rochester.edu? The list of every user and their website is here: URCS Undergrad Students. Your website will be located at csug.rochester.edu/users/ugrads/<your_usernames>.

Editing your CSUG web page

  1. Log into a lab machine, or connect to a cycle server (cycle1, cycle2, or cycle3):

    ssh <your_username>@cycle1.csug.rochester.edu
  2. Your web directory is located at this path: /u/www/users/ugrads/<your_username>. To make it easier to get to your web directory, make a symbolic link to it:

    ln -s /u/www/users/ugrads/$USERNAME ~/www
  3. Now you can get to your web directory easily from your home directory:

    cd www
  4. See what files are already there:

  5. You will probably find a home.html. Open it with your favorite text editor and make some changes!

    vim home.html # or use emacs, pico, gedit, kwrite
  6. Don't know what to add? Try writing some descriptions of your interests, or add a list showing the courses you are taking. You could also add a picture of yourself, or links to other places to find you online. Add a stylesheet to improve the visual presentation. You can add to the original template, remove parts of it, or replace it entirely.

    While you are editing your web page, periodically save it and refresh it in your web browser to see what it looks like.