Wiki Howto

  1. You'll need a place to work. Your home directory is fine:

    cd ~
  2. Clone the wiki repository. This creates a local copy in your current directory named wiki.

    If you are working on a CSUG lab machine or cycle server:

    git clone /u/www/ugc/wiki

    If you are working from your personal computer:

    git clone <your_username>
  3. Go into the pages directory within that directory:

    cd wiki/pages
  4. Edit the .md text files, they are in a human-friendly markdown format. do whatever.

  5. Select which of your changes should be committed:

    git add mynewfile.html index.html mychangedfile.html (... etc.)
    git rm filetodelete.html
  6. Use git status to make sure you got all the changes you want marked selected for commit.

  7. Create the commit. Describe the changes in quotes after -m:

    git commit -m "minor improvements to git instructions"
  8. Push the commit up to the original repository:

    git push

    (If somebody else happened to make changes at the same time you did, then git might complain. That's okay! Usually you can fix it with git pull. If you have trouble, ask in IRC!)

  9. Your changes should now appear at

  10. If you want, you can delete the clone of the wiki that you created earlier.