Jeremiah Bill


I am currently seeking Full Time Software Engineering Positions starting May 2018. I have specific interests in Backend/Systems development, Machine Learning and Data Science but I am always open to new opportunites to learn and grow as an engineer!


I currently attend the University of Rochester pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. I am an active member of the University's Computer Science Department having been a Teaching Assistant for multiple semesters

Work Experience


Currently, I'm a Software Engineer for Galahad Group Inc,a startup company focused on combining highly advanced decision optimization technology with today's fast evolving natural language processing and deep learning to create the next wave of artificial intelligence that more closely emulates the best of human decision-making to provide people and businesses virtual assistants, which optimize key aspects of their lives and enterprise processes respectively. I am building cloud based solutions using Node.js, Microsoft Azure and for client prototypes to assist in areas of analytics, automation and customer experience.

This previous summer I worked as a Backend Software Developer for IBM Watson Conversation Service contributing to the scaling and optimization of the backend infrastructure responsible for sending data to/from the APIs which drive this SAAS product.

During the summer of 2016 I worked for Thomson Reuters as a Software Test Engineer. My responsibilities focused on creating a test suite to automate the pre-existing manual testing of one of Thomson Reuters' web-based products.


I'm interested in photography and traveling. Having spent most of my childhood living in Germany and many states within the United States, my desire to travel and capture various parts of the world is strong. Further, I am avid reader of Medium and I am hoping to kick start my Medium profile soon with blog posts that can be found here.